Principal's Message

Mr. Mitchell
Welcome to second semester of the 2022-2023 school year.  Our Fall Semester was definitely a successful semester in many ways.  We had another successful Fall Sports season with a League Championship on the football field and were competitive on the courts, in the pool, and across the local country. As we get going with this Spring semester it is super important to keep focus on achieving academically.  With all students there is much to look forward to these next five months.
For the class of 2023 Graduation is quickly approaching.  There is so much to look forward to with the Renaissance Rally, Prom Rally, Prom, and other End-of-Year Senior Activities-this is the fun we all look forward to.  College applications have gone out and many will be receiving replies-this is the anticipated excitement we all look forward to.  It’s important to also keep focus on the expectation of learning-this is the key to the graduation ceremony we look forward to. I encourage our seniors to stay true to what’s important…academic achievement.
Students in grades nine through eleven also have much to look forward to.  Grade reports and transcripts are like resumes for what lies ahead after high school for both college and career, and a commitment to success is critical.  I encourage a personal commitment for students to attend school daily and to engage in each class session.  Parents and guardians play a critical role in the success of our students, and I appreciate your continued efforts.  There are many resources available for our Titan Scholars in the areas of tutoring, academic support & counseling, mentoring, and social/emotional counseling.  Please contact us for whatever you may need and trust we have your student’s best interests at the forefront of our decision-making processes.
Love You All,
Mr. Mitchell