Principal's Message

Mr. Mitchell
In our new normal, it is so interesting how each day seems to be something new.  I am impressed with the efforts made by those involved with “All Things Colony” because of how we have weathered the storm of launching Distance Learning.  Of course, there have been wrinkles along the way, but we have all done our best to make it work…and its working. 
One of the most important aspects of working with high school age students is the personal connections that can be made on campus and within the instructional environment.  This Distance Learning Model does allow for some instructional environment connection. However, we are greatly missing out in the areas of campus life and cocurricular activities.  I applaud my staff in the efforts being made and look forward to continued growth as we move forward.
The posting of this letter marks the half-way point of the first semester.  I cannot impress on you how important it is for students to engage within the instructional day.  Being logged into Zoom is only part of the process.  When students interact daily with their teachers, the opportunity for growth in achievement is greater.  When students submit completed assignments either before or on due dates, teachers can gauge learning and offer feedback.  When students ask questions and/or search for clarification, the guessing goes away, and learning moves to the forefront.  If you need assistance in this area, please feel free to contact us and we will offer guidance.
As we move forward, know we will stay in contact by using both Canvas as well as our All-Call system.  It is important all parents/guardians have Canvas “Observer Accounts.”  If you need assistance with setting up an Observer Account, please ask your student to check their district email for step-by-step directions on how to first obtain a “Pairing Code.” 
Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation and know I/we are here to assist you in any way.
Mr. Mitchell