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CJUHSD Career Readiness


CJUHSD Career Readiness Including TCELL and Other CTE Programs

Colony High School - Career Technical Education

Audrey Ross
CTE Department Chair
Phone: (909) 930-2929
Fax: (909) 460-5856

CTE Pathways

Art, Media, and Entertainment
Information and Support Services
Computer Programming & Game Design
Computers, Careers, & Finance
Graphics for Game Developement
Business Technology
Computer Graphics Design I
CTE Work Experience I/IV
Computer Graphics Design II
Computer Graphics Design III
Computer Graphics Design IV


Arts, Media, and Entertainment Pathway


Video game design

Video games have been a vital part of the global media and entertainment industry for over 30 years. Over 60% of households in the U.S. have at least someone that plays video games regularly (Source: Entertainment Software Association). With this huge surge in video games has been the need for more programmers, graphic designers, and animators to help build these games. The Video Game Design Pathway at Colony High School introduces students to the developmental process in creating a variety of 2D and 3D games. Students learn to manipulate images and create 3D objects needed for developing characters, props, and the environment setting needed for various components of the game. Students will also learn the C# programming language needed in creating scripts and scenes using the Unity3D game engine software.


Courses in the Pathway:

  • Year 1: Graphics for Game Development (Grades 9-12)
  • Year 2: Computer Programming & Game Design (Grades 10-12)
  • Year 3: AP Computer Science Principals (available grades 11-12)

Benefits of Taking the Pathway:

  • Work with industry-based software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, and Unity3D
  • Creation of a portfolio displaying various creations of graphics and video games to show future potential colleges & employers
  • Potential college credits earned with area community colleges (Coming Soon)
  • Attend field trips and listen to guest speakers
  • Learn soft skills needed in the industry which includes (but not limited to) development of a resume and interviewing with potential employers.

For more information, view the Video Game Design Career Pathway(PDF)  or contact Mr. Tom Parslow at

Graphic Design


Courses in the Pathway:

  • Year 1: Computer Graphics Design I (Grades 9-12)
  • Year 2: Computer Graphics Design II (Grades 10-12)
  • Year 3: Computer Graphics Design III (Grades 11-12)
  • Year 4: Computer Graphics Design IV (Grade 12)


For more information, contact Mr. Michael Dahms at

Information and Support Services

 It’s important for students to learn the professional skills they need to assume responsible positions in business, industry, education, government, and social organizations. The Information and Support Services Pathway at Colony High School prepares students with the technological and financial skills needed for success in a variety of industries. Students learn various word processing, spreadsheet, and multimedia presentation skills through working with Microsoft Office 2016. Students are also taught financial literacy through topics such as investments, consumer credit, insurance, and income taxes.

Courses in Pathway:

  • Year 1: Computers, Careers, and Finance (Grades 9-12)
  • Year 2: Business Technology (Grades 10-12)
  • Year 3: CTE Work Experience I/IV (available grades 11-12) - Work Permit Required; Students must comply with all State/Federal Labor Laws

Benefits of Taking the Pathway:

  • Earn college credits with Chaffey College (Computers, Careers, and Finance)
  • Listen to guest speakers representing careers and post high school education
  • Make more informed financial decisions in learning about credit scores, banking, and investments
  • Learn soft skills needed in a variety of industries including (but not limited to) development of a resume, interviewing with potential employers, and working with job applications

For more information, view the Computers, Careers and Finance (PDF)  or contact Mrs. Ross at

CTE Instructors


Jason Craig
Graphics for Game Development
Computer Graphics Design I
Computer Programming &
Game Design

Audrey Ross
Computers, Careers, & Finance
Business Technology
CTE Work Exp I/IV

Michael Dahms
Computer Graphics Design I
Computer Graphics Design II
Computer Graphics Design III
Computer Graphics Design IV
ROP Digital Arts