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Colony All-School Parent Boosters

What are we?

We are a group of parent volunteers who work to benefit all the students at Colony High School. 


What do we do?

We coordinate with school staff, teachers, and administration to help provide a more positive environment for everyone at Colony High School. Our mission is to create community and build relationships between students, staff, and parents.


When do we do it?

We are often found volunteering at Colony’s sporting events doing such things as collecting tickets, working the snack bar, and cheering on our Titan teams. We also can be found helping during school preparedness drills, ensuring the stock of emergency supplies are all present and accounted for, and speaking with school administration personnel about our observations and suggestions. We volunteer when we are able to do so.


How can you help out?

You can join our club! You can help out by becoming a booster supporter by donating your time, thoughts, and skills or by generously donating monetarily. Even better is if you can do both! We are a friendly and flexible group. We understand that people are busy which is why any help, at any time, in any form is always appreciated. 😊