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Work Permits


Dear Titan  Students and Families: 

 During the school closure, we will distribute work permit applications and create work permits daily.  Our front lobby entrance will be accessible to you this week, and the week of the 30th, from 8 am to 2 pm to pick up or drop off work permits (the only exception will be Spring break when the office is closed). Applications can also be downloaded from our Colony website under resources. Once there, click on career center to find the link to download a work permit. It is also included as an attachment in this email so that there are multiple ways to receive an application.

 You’ll need the green work permit application signed by your employer in order to be processed.. When you have the signed application, return it to the front lobby located in the administrative building.  Once we have the form we will issue your permit by April 1st if you meet the legal qualifications for employment as a minor student.

 Please contact Dr. Tiffany Bunn, Assistant Principal of Achievement, for more information.

 Thank you for your cooperation,

 Dr. Bunn, Assistant Principal of Achievement
Colony High School