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Yearbook Dedication Ads

Yearbook Dedication Ads
This year, we will be offering the opportunity to purchase and design Senior Dedication online. Prices range from $90 - $400, based on size. The deadline to purchase a Senior Dedication will be November 19, 2021

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Senior Quote Guidelines

Senior Quotes

Your quote should be thoughtfully chosen and represent your best qualities, as it will record who you are for years to come. If your quote is ambiguous or may have a negative connotation, the editors, staff, and adviser reserve the final right to determine whether it is published in the yearbook. If you do not abide by all of the guidelines below, your quote will not be included in this year’s book. Please be thoughtful and responsible. 

  • NO acronyms, if not commonly known. 
  • NO profanity, slang, obscene, offensive, or inappropriate language. 
  • NO derogatory comments about the school, students, faculty, or staff members. 
  • NO shout-outs to or about other students or teachers. (This rule is in place because of the potential of a quote offending the person it references. We do not have the time to check and keep records of who does and does not approve of being mentioned in another student’s quote.) 


Please note: 

  • Your quote may be cut for length in order to fit page designs. 
    • Your quote should be no longer than 80-85 characters (including spaces). 
  • All quotes are subject to review by the administration and the yearbook staff. Failure to follow guidelines will result in the exclusion of your quote. 
  • If you are not sure whether your quote will pass this review or if you have a question, contact the yearbook adviser, Mrs. Robinson, [email protected] 
  • Make sure to include quotation marks and credit the source of the quote to the appropriate individual. 


Yearbook staff reserves the right to edit, censor or omit quotes without notice. 


Senior quotes are due no later than December 1st 


Submit your quote here.